Taking It Outside


The start of many.
Plein Air Paint Dates.

It was short notice but I had the holiday off and needed some sunshine and nature. My dream? I hope to be able to start up a next generation Bloomington artist group that meets for some outdoor, open air painting. My destination: Lower Cascades Park in Bloomington, IN.

Today was just a trial. I wanted to see how inviting this space was. I wanted to study the flow of foot traffic. It was mostly quiet besides the few groups of hikers walking along the creek path. Some asking directions, others wanting to pet our dog (my partner came along to check out the waterfall in the park).

Weather permitting, I will be scheduling morning hour Plein Air every other Sunday. If it is raining, perhaps just having artist meetups and coffee somewhere.

Let It Shine


It has been a wonderful and wild month of moving and settling. I love the new studio space, it gets so much natural lighting and really showcases what I currently have going on on the easel.

I have been trying to get more involved with social media. I have found and followed many wonderful artist out there that inspire me daily, I hope my journey is doing the same. When you put yourself out there on the internet you are trusting this intimate part of yourself to others. You are welcoming them into your life. I am not one for many words and blog posts intimidate me.

I have chosen Instagram as my main showcasing of my work because it is image based and a picture says so much more than I could. If you haven’t already, follow me on Instagram. You get to see into my life, my struggles, my messy blissful moments.


Her Zenith

That elated feeling you get when your work is loved and wanted and needed. That knowing that a piece of you will be proudly and lovingly hanging on the walls of a person who connects with the imagery your fingers have spoken upon canvas. You do a little happy dance, you smile, you cry, you JOY.


Her Zenith
10″ x 20″
Acrylic, pressed roses, watercolor pencil on canvas.



stuck: words on artist block

A consciousness of this hole once slipped into.
It has been months since I have picked up the brush…


I have colors and textures
waiting to leave my psyche
I have figures swirling in my “queue”
haunting my free time
yet i still do not pick up the brush

instead I just study and research,
my feeling of not being good enough
is constructive yet critical

pinterest board
of figures and palettes
that inspire the flow


embracing the process

I don’t have a set process. Sometimes I can spring out of sleep and paint ravenous on a blank canvas that has been piled up in the corner. Having this primal need to release what has grown inside. Other times it is trial and error and sweat and tears and emotional “burning” of the art and starting over. Some of my paintings have several layers of past life.